About Game

What is College Kings?

Revisit the best years of your life as a hot college student who enters the world of San Vallejo and instantly becomes popular among the ladies. The frequent, steamy sex scenes and strategic fight scenes render a continuous experience of challenge and pleasure to the player. 

Every choice is meaningful in this game and defines who you are. All characters have intricate and complex traits – so how you behave and your preferences will influence who you end up with. 

The main female interests of the story are Aubrey and Penelope, who mesmerize everyone with their presence in every scene, thanks to the fantastic 3D graphics of the game. Don’t worry; you will also meet many other hot babes on the way, including Lauren, Riley, and Nora!

Key Features

What's Special?

What draws players to College Kings over and over again – is it the complex, movie-like tale or the intoxicating, sudden sex scenes? Well, to be honest, both and more!

Engaging, Seductive Storyline

This plot is just as mature as the seductive scenes included in it. Every dialogue spoken or every action players choose shows who they want to be and has genuine consequences in the future of the main character’s college life.

Even though it is an RPG game, players need to form genuine strategies so that they can have the best intimate moments with each of the many girls present throughout the narrative.

Wide Variety Of Meaningful Sex Scenes

No sex scene is similar to another – each has its flavor and spice, hinting at the diversity of young love and the importance of experimentation between different types of surroundings and positions. At the same time, it makes these experiences natural and easy by making the main character say beautiful flirting dialogues and actions that show he cares about these women. 

Unique Character Traits

The people involved in these chapters are surprisingly complex, with deep characters that show the refreshing side of life. They all have challenges, and past baggage enriches the story’s intrigue. Depending on how you behave, you stand a chance of forming your character, which brings you closer to the kind of woman who finds you commendable. It is just like dating in real life!

Relive Favourite Intimacy Scenes

Visualize all of your craziest fantasies while playing this game, and have a blast with as many partners as possible. Save your favorite sex scenes by downloading or screenshotting them on your device. 

You can replay any chapter at no additional cost and fast forward to the steamy scenes that will keep you up at night! These scenes have been designed using high-quality HD graphics and unique 3D art styles that all genders will enjoy equally.


College Kings Game Walkthrough

The College Kings is a choice-driven RPG and brawl game that can also be defined as a point-and-click visual novel for which you can decide the kind of story/college experience you want.

Let us know about the gameplay in detail.

  1. Players start with three traits that determine what kind of college experience they will get. These traits are confident (confident, boyfriend, and troublemaker points), famous (popular, troublemaker, and bro points), and loyal (loyal, boyfriend and bro points).
  2. The story starts with players’ free roaming’ on the college grounds, interacting with Emily, Julia, Nora, and more. 
  3. Intimate scenes start quickly, and you can download or take screenshots of exciting images. 
  4. Aubrey’s path, Penelope’s path, and Nora’s path are all separate. Players need to choose their answers carefully.
  5. There are several chapters, and by the end, players have to choose whether they want to end up with one girl or stay single and have fun till graduation!

Download College Kings (For Windows, Android, & macOS)

Method 1: Using ITCH

  • Go on the itch.io website. 
  • You will come face to face with the College Kings page. Go through all the details to get a clear idea of the game.
  • Scroll down and locate the “Download Now” button. Next to it, there will be a space to quote your price. 
  • Enter the amount you would like to pay to support the game developers.
  • Once approved, click on the “Download Now” button and wait for the new files to load on your device.
  • If you are using an Android, run the APK files to install the game interface. If you are using Windows or Mac OS, right-click on the zip files to extract the game.
  • Once the installation process has finished, open the app and start playing.

Method 2: Using Patreon

  • Discover the Undergrad Steve Patreon account. 
  • Go through the list of membership options and choose one. Basic membership starts at 5 USD per month, and the premium tier with discord access and name in the credits is about 20 USD per month.
  • Subscribe to your membership and complete your transaction successfully.
  • Now click on the ‘Download’ button. 
  • Once the file has loaded onto your device, select the app and open it to start playing.

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